Targeting the Cancer, not the Patient

MitaMed is a medical company that is focused on making innovative cancer therapies available to patients and clinicians. It's aim is to provide minimally invasive cancer therapy as a treatment option for internal, solid tumours.

Traditionally the options for cancer treatment include surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Newer molecular targeted therapies have resulted in moderate improvements for certain cancers while immunotherapies are starting to show the real potential of harnessing the patients immune system to fight off the cancer.

Mitamed has developed a minimally invasive approach to target internal cancers by utilizing an energy-based technology called electroporation. Our treatment approach essentially causes tumour tissue to become up to a 1000 fold more porous and capable of absorbing certain chemotherapy drugs without damaging healthy tissues. The approach has significant clinical experience for the treatment of skin cancer.

The EndoVEĀ® is the first device developed by Mitamed and allows for the endoscopic treatment of colorectal tumours. The treatment is conducted under sedation in less than 30minutes in on an outpatient/ daycase basis. We are currently conducting a clinical trial to validate the approach, which utilises a fraction of the normal dose of chemotherapy.

Side effects to treatment have been minimised as a result and our solution is financially attractive in terms of treatment and after-care costs. MitaMed is actively involved in clinical trials with this technology and is developing an expanded range of devices for other internal cancers.

For access to the colorectal clinical trial, please go to at

MitaMed's approach to tumour treatment also takes into consideration that many cancers recur within five years due to the fact that circulating cancer cells 'seed' new sites. Our approach allows for an immunological engagement as the cancer dies after treatment. We intend to clinically validate this as more effective for long term survival than in cases where surgery is used alone